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The Boyfriend-Girlfriend If you believe in astrology, you probably already made some combination of signs to see if your crush matches yours, right? Who never, right?

How about finding out now in this post what the bae of each sign is like? And know which character from the series and movie he looks like!

1. Aries:

Aryans tend to be intense , with a strong personality, and they don’t take long to say when they’re interested, understand that they like challenges YourLoveMeet and keep the flame of passion always lit, but without too much melancholy!

The famous crush who has the same sign is Simon Basset, the famous Duke of the Bridgerton series. Sun in Aries indicates courageous personality.

Find Out What The Boyfriend-Girlfriend Want2. Taurus:

A Taurus boyfriend is the one who likes to go to the best restaurants , appreciates beautiful things, is always very affectionate and also homely! He likes stability a lot so he always wants more serious relationships.

Peter Kavinsky from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, is the character we love from the sign of Taurus, he is funny, fun and easygoing.

3. Gemini:

Geminis love freedom and are constantly changing! Therefore, he is attracted to creative people and tends to have a crush on the person’s intellect.

The most famous vampire in cinema is the sign of Gemini, Edward Cullen , Geminis are intuitive and captivate with just a look.

4. Cancer:

Affectionate and loving, he is that big boy who likes to be with his family and stay at home, that is, if you intend to date a Cancer man, probably the perfect ride for him is to watch movies, even on a Friday night ! Read our post about getting out of the routine with bae even at home. Ah, Cancerians Amolatina are very sensitive, be careful with words and attitudes!

Ah, Cancerians are very sensitive, be careful with words and attitudes!

No wonder the most family sign of the Zodiac belongs to King T’Challa (Black Panther) , he is passionate about his family, people and culture. He defends traditions and does everything for his.

5. Lion: The Boyfriend-Girlfriend

The boyfriend of the lion sign loves to receive compliments ! They are known for self-esteem and intensity!

Berlin from the La Casa de Papel series, fits the main characteristics of a Leo, mainly because of his courage, his determination and his willingness to lead!

6. Virgo: 

Virgo crush is very helpful, always willing to help, but tends to be a little exaggerated in matters like organization and cleanliness!

The Virginian of “Round 6”, is the policeman Hwang Jun-ho , who goes after all the clues, which lead them to the main scenario of the series. Like a good Virgo, he uses all his attention and perfectionism to follow leads where he least expects them.

7. Pound: The Boyfriend-Girlfriend

Libra boyfriends are kind and balanced , but also a little indecisive, so it will always be up to those who are together to choose the movie, snack and day trip!

Charming and insightful, Obi Wan Kenobi is a kind, fair Jedi master who is part of the Star Wars movie.

8. Scorpio:

Scorpios are intense and mysterious , they are the type to do crazy things when they love. Likes to be sure, despite the reputation of seducers, they are loyal and can be quite  jealous.

Lucifer is the representative of this sign and has its qualities: sharp intelligence, sense of strategy, dedication, perseverance, courage and leadership spirit. In addition, he is a flamboyant, good-natured man, being surprisingly friendly and charismatic.

9. Sagittarius: The Boyfriend-Girlfriend

Funny, exaggerated and super optimistic: these are the Sagittarians! They cherish freedom and can’t stand anything that suffocates them. He loves adventures, so he is the right partner for travel, how about planning the next trip with bae? 

Chandler Bing from the FRIENDS series is a Sagittarius sign because of his peculiar humor, after all, he makes fun of everything, even his own problems.

10. Capricorn: The Boyfriend-Girlfriend

The Capricorn crush is careful and demanding, and can even be a little controlling. But dating him is a guarantee of stability and serious commitment!

Capricorns can relate to Ecbert, the Vikings character,’ s ability to be sympathetic and loyal.

11. Aquarius:

The Aquarius bae is authentic and shows little feelings , and just as Geminis are attracted to the intellect.

The guy just doesn’t care about anything, just like Christian from the Elite series. He just wants to enjoy life, moreover, he is very detached and doesn’t seem to care much about other people’s opinion.

12. Pisces: The Boyfriend-Girlfriend

This is the most romantic sign of the zodiac ! Pisces loves to feel loved and closes down when that doesn’t happen. If you give yourself to him or her, you’ll live days of pure movie romance! The bae of this sign loves to be surprised outside of special dates , we have several tips here on the blog!

The famous character with this same sign is Jonathan, from the Stranger Things series he has a very brave and kind side when it comes to his family and those he loves.

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So, what did you think of finding out how the bae of each sign is?

It is important to remember that according to some astrologers, it is necessary to take into account the entire astral map of a person to understand how they really are in life, and especially in love!

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