A Romantic Relationship Without Physical Attraction?

On a dating site, the photos are generally not enough to realize if A Romantic Relationship a single person can really please me. Photos often betray the true appearance of a person, and many other elements come into play in physical attraction: personality, gaze (when the other is looking at me law rather than a camera lens) , the voice, the smell, the way of moving…

What should I do if I feel great affinity towards a single person I met through a serious dating site, but if, once we have met, I feel no physical attraction towards her? FlirtWith.com Physical attraction is not always immediate. Sometimes the more in-depth discovery of a person can lead to falling under their spell, including physically, even if the attraction was not there at the start.

But if after several dates, a single person still does not arouse physical desire in me, do not count on the fact that the attraction will come, as if by magic. It can happen, but it is very unlikely! We cannot base a couple’s life on the fact that the attraction will come later: either I give up going further with this person, or I have to be ready to accept that the attraction will never be there. you in my couple.

Why I’m considering a relationship without physical attraction

Three reasons can make me consider having a romantic relationship with a person for whom I have no physical attraction.

● I can’t get out of celibacy – A Romantic Relationship

I may have had the desire to be in a relationship for years, tried various dating sites, but couldn’t get out of celibacy. When I finally meet a person with whom I have affinities, I may be tempted to have a romantic relationship with this person, even if the physical attraction is not there. Anything better than loneliness, anything better than giving up starting a family, having children…

● I find it hard to give up living such a beautiful agreement

My affinities with this woman are those that I dream of having with the person with whom I will share my life. Our agreement give me a lot of joy, I like to be with him. FlirtWith Our exchanges are exciting, she understands me so much! To continue to benefit from such an agreement, is it perhaps worth renouncing a perfect agreement in certain areas of married life?

● I am not comfortable with sexuality – A Romantic Relationship

Maybe it actually suits me that the physical attraction isn’t there? Maybe passion scares me, that sexuality is “not my thing”? Be careful, maybe over time I will change in this area, and I will aspire to a loving passion in all its dimensions, when I will have already built my life with a person who does not arouse passion in me. .

A Romantic Relationship Without Physical Attraction?

The risks of a relationship without physical attraction

If my favorite dating site has allowed me to meet a wonderful. Or at least really interesting, person to whom I am not physically attracted. I must be aware of two risks associated with a romantic relationship. Without physical attraction .

● Consequences on sex life – A Romantic Relationship

Sexual relations are an important part of married life. This is one of the main differences between love and friendship. Sexual attraction is generally an important element in amorous passion. Even when the couple prefers to wait for a commitment such as marriage before having sex. Mutual attraction and the expectation of the first sexual encounter are very important in the relationship.

If I don’t feel physically attracted to my partner, I may not want to have sex with him. If I avoid sex, or if I don’t avoid it but I don’t want it, it can cause him pain. I can feel very frustrated at not having sex with someone I really want. It is also possible that over time I will end up feeling a real. Disgust with regard to sexual union with a person who does not please me physically.

● The risk of falling in love with someone else – A Romantic Relationship

Physical attraction is usually an important element of romantic passion. Even though I deeply love my spouse, if the attraction isn’t there. It could show up in my life through another person.

Whatever I have already built with my spouse, whatever the ties that unite us. If I fall in love with another person, it risks causing great suffering for my spouse and for me.

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The other has the right to know

Before starting to build a relationship with me, the woman or the man. That I like, or that I love, but who does not physically attract me. Has the right to know what is going on. If this person loves me, by getting into a relationship with me, she is taking risks. She has the right to only want to be in a relationship with someone. Who loves her in every way, and she has the right to know the risks she is taking if she agrees to walk with me.

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