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In addition, Internal Love Dialogue there are thousands of other messages that tell who he is and what to think about the world around him, including himself.

These are, of course, estimates, averaged data, as always there are exceptions to the rule, the positive and the less. Generally, on the basis of the messages we receive, carefully stored by the subconscious, we tend to speak and think negatively about ourselves in adulthood. DilMil Negative Internal Love Dialogue dialogue can manifest itself on one of three levels. Occasionally, you may have “symptoms” of more than one.

Level 1 – Internal Love Dialogue

You are a cheerful, optimistic person on a daily basis, and negative dialogue is related to a specific bad experience or a series of bad experiences in your life. When experiencing difficulties / failures, you feel a lack of faith in a positive result / solution, you have a lot of doubts, fear for the future, you become self-critical and your environment becomes increasingly critical. If the difficulties / failures have been going on for a long time, you may have a fear of action and a loss of confidence in yourself, your abilities and abilities. If you are at level 1, what you should focus on are relaxation / breathing exercises that will help you Internal Love Dialogue physiologically cope better in a difficult moment. Additionally, consider failures by separating the facts from your judgments and the feelings that you create in yourself based on your own judgments.

Level 2

At this level, you tend to focus on what’s not working. You are often afraid for your future – financial, health, relationship, without specific events in the selected area. You don’t feel fulfilled in your life, but you don’t take any action to change anything. Very often, at this level, people want changes, but they wait for the “magic tomorrow”, the future, assuming that the feeling of discouragement, hopelessness, helplessness, and a bad mood will go away on its own, but a better attitude and willingness / idea to change will come on its own.

3 Levels of Negative Internal Love Dialogue.
3 Levels of Negative Internal Love Dialogue.

If you are at level 2, implement the tips from level 1, but additionally choose one goal / dream. That you care about the most and plan 1 step. Maybe it’s writing a resume. Maybe a conversation you’ve been putting off for months. It may be professional help for a negatively programmed mind. Internal Love Dialogue or perhaps a book on the subject to begin with. Just one small step, nothing more. At this stage, the most important thing is to break through – to take action. Ending waiting for a wonderful tomorrow, even if the idea of ​​action is not perfect and the mood is not the best.

Level 3 – Internal Love Dialogue

At this level, you have a negative attitude to virtually “everything” for no good reason. This is usually the result of long-term negative programming – often from childhood, and you may find that your charm. Often, at this level of negative dialogue, a lack of confidence in oneself and others dominates, and there is also a lack of belief that things are changing for the better. Such people rarely feel happy and rarely smile, they live with an everyday attitude of criticism and doubt. They often get irritated, believing that DilMil.co positive thinking is wishful thinking and completely unreal.

They believe negative thinking is a realistic way of looking at the world. Replace hope by accepting a bad situation. They often replace action with frustration and anger. If you are at this level in addition to the steps for level 1 and 2, start keeping a gratitude journal. Evening in the evening, write down 10 things for. Which you are grateful, for which you were nice, made you happy, what you are happy with. At this stage, the most important thing is to learn to see the good things every day.

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Talking negatively about yourself can progress. If you have not undertaken any work on yourself at level 1, you may consequently go towards 2 or 3. It is worth checking if you have “symptoms” at any of the levels and start making changes. You don’t have to be perfect right away, even the smallest step counts.

Important: Internal Love Dialogue

If your feelings are intense, you have eating or sleep disorders. No matter what your level is, consult a doctor about depression and depression. Our brain gets tired, sometimes it needs support.

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